Wasp Nest Removal Newport

Are you in need of a wasp nest removal company in Newport? Then we could have the perfect team for you! LadyBug Pest Control is based in the UK, we have over 14 years of impeccable experience which allows us to provide a knowledgable, professional and discreet service catered to your individual needs. Founded by Alexa - a dedicated pest controller who has devoted herself to all the work she does and is a proud member of the British Pest Control Association. To learn more about Alexa and her team, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. 


Here in the UK, the most likely species of wasp is Vespula Vulgaris or Vespula Germanica. These waps live together in a nest with an egg-laying Queen and non-reproducing workers, social wasps are considered pests, especially as they often make nests in or near houses in spaces such as roof spaces, which can present a large danger as the wasps can potentially sting if they become agitated or unsettled. 


Here at LadyBug Pest control, we apply insecticide near the entrance of the nest, which the wasps carry into the nest effecting more and more of the wasps. After a couple of days, the wasps will die from the dose of the pesticide, it isn’t an instant process, but its extremely effective. Even if you think your wasps' nest is at an inaccessible height, call our team for all your wasp nest removal needs in Newport.


When conducting her wasp nest removal services in Newport, Alexa is always thinking outside of the box to provide her clients with a bespoke service, designed to fit your requirements perfectly. Wasp stings are usually painful rather than dangerous, but in rare cases, some people can suffer life-threatening anaphylactic shock, they can become extremely aggressive and will continue to sting if the nest is disturbed. Therefore, if you have discovered these pests in your home and need a wasp nest removal service in Newport, contact our experts here at LadyBug Pest Control


If you’re in need of an outstanding wasp nest removal service in Newport, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with LadyBug Pest Control. To speak to Alexa, give her a call on 01594528282 or 07575203298, where she is always on hand to answer any questions or offer advice. On the other hand, you can also complete the contact form on her website and she will get back to you as soon as possible, to discuss how best she can meet your specific requirements.