Latin Name: Columbia Livia

Common Names: Feral Pigeon, Blue Rock Pigeon, Rock Dove, Wild Rock Pigeons, Rock Pigeon.

Derivation: The word pigeon is derived from the latin word "pipio" meaning "young cheaping bird". The word "dove" is of norse origin and first appreared in the fourteenth century as "dova" or "douve"

Bird Order: Columbiformes

Family: Columbidae

Varieties: 350 recorded varieties. Most common is the feral pigeon of between 10-15 million in Europe. 

Origin: Europe, North Africa and Asia.

Habitat: The wild pigeon is found in the coastal areas and Feral Pigeons is almost exclusivley in areas of human habitation.

Reproduction. Breeds all year peaking in spring and summer usually consisting of 2 eggs which are incubated for 17-19 days. Pigeons can breed at 6 months of age.

Diet: Seeds are a major competent but varies according to species. Feral pigeons will live on food waste. 

Life Expectancy: Varies greatly depending on species but 3-5 years all the way to 15 years. 


  • Bird droppings (guano) contain an acid which can leave you with an expensive repair bill.

  • Health Issues: Pigeon droppings contain bacteria that can be dangerous to humans and the potential to cause serious illness.

  • Damage. From buildings to cars. 

  • Noise.


Here at LadyBug Pest Control we can help with pigeons. We can provide trained specialists to deliver a range of bird prevention and control techniques for residential and commercial premises alike. 

  • Nest Management: If pigeons have already begun to nest, we can remove the nest and block access points.

  • Fouling Removal: We provide cleaning and treatment services to remove guano and leave areas clean and hygienic.  

  • Bird Proofing Systems: We use bird spikes, netting, post and wire, Avi Shock, Bird Gel and Weld Mesh.