Tineola Bisselliella known as the Common Clothes Moth or Clothing Moth is a species of fungus moth. It is the typical species of its genus Tineloa. The larvae of this moth are considered a serious pest as they derive nourishment from clothing, carpets and other natural fibre fabrics. They are after the protein Keratin found in natural fibres.

Females lay eggs in clusters of between 30-200 which adhere to surfaces with a glue like substance. These hatch between 4-10 days later and the larvae begin to feed. Development then takes place over a course of a month to a couple of years until the pupal stage is reached. At this point they spin cocoons and spend 10-50 days developing into adult Moths. 

Adult Moths emerge in search of mates. Adult Moths can live between 15-30 days after which they die. The more favourable the conditions the quicker the development occurs. These adult Moths do not feed. All feeding damage comes from the larval stage. The range of food stuffs include Wool, Silk, Linen, Cotton and Cashmere. Adults prefer low light conditions, therefore damage tends to occur under furniture of corners of carpet or in a wardrobe. 


There are a few tips to help decrease Moths in your home, whilst a Pest Controller deals with your infestation. 

  • Regularly change vacuum bags after use.

  • Wash/freeze fabrics to kill any eggs or larvae.

  • Check all vintage purchases for signs of Moth damage. 

  • Keep the rooms light, dry and well ventilated.

  • Move and check under furniture as often as you can especially if you have a wool carpet. 


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